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CIDEX<sup>®</sup> Tray Systems
CIDEX<sup>®</sup> Tray Systems

Cidex Medical And Surgical Tray Systems

CIDEX® Tray Systems have been designed by ASP to provide healthcare professionals with the ideal complementary accessories for manual cleaning /high-level disinfection.

Manual processes have never been so easy.

The systems offer a large choice of premium durable trays with:

  • Flexible Utilization – can be used for either manual cleaning or high-level disinfection stages
  • Easy Periodic Sterilization – heat resistant up to 134°C
  • Long Life Time – superior durability of glass-filled polypropylene
  • Reduction of Vapor and Fumes Escape – with their unique rounded lip design.
  • Easy Cleaning – With their wide radius corner.
  • Easy Solution Monitoring - reusable labels help monitor the ASP High-level disinfection solutions reuse.

CIDEX® Tray Systems offer easy and practical handling of medical instruments, ideal complementary accessories for manual disinfection and five shapes and sizes to meet every user preference.